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Twitter + Miami = TwTrMiami

TwTrMiami.com is a curated directory and ranking of the most relevant Twitter accounts from or about Miami, Florida

We combined automated algorithms, data from Twitter Inc (via the API) and human curation, to select and categorize all Twitter accounts of people, organizations and companies from Miami, or those who tweet about Miami.

Why TwTrMiami?

We believe that Twitter is a great communication tool that allows anybody to communicate with the world. We paticularly like the fact that it is open and transparent, providing abundant data - like the number and list of followers.

This makes Twitter a great source, like no other available, to build a comprehensive and detailed directory of Miami.

How to use TwTrMiami?

TwTrMiami can be very useful for:

Twitter Enthusiasts in Miami:

  • Have their own comprehensive "Twitter Profile" page
  • See their historic data
  • Benchmark with other Twitter users

Social Media managers and professionals:

  • Find influencers by category or location
  • Find potential customers, partnerships, etc.
  • Benchmark themselves and their customers
  • Highlight to employer or customers the importance of having a Twitter account

Twitter users and everybody else:

  • Find a few interesting Twitter accounts to follow
  • Find people, companies or organizations, and contact them
  • Understand Who's Who in Miami

TwTrMiami's story

Twitter Miami is a project created and managed by Billy Vaisberg (@vaisberg), and is part of Blade Media LLC, a Miami based web, digital marketing and social media company.

Vaisberg, with over 15 years of experience with online projects, moved to Miami after the chavista government accused him and his Twitter related pages (TwVen.com and TTven.com) of political conspiracy. (watch the accusations aired on national TV).

TwTrMiami.com is the latest Twitter directory created by Vaisberg and Blade Media. Similar directories exist in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and Argentina

Do you like TwTrMiami?

Feel free to contact us if you want to...

  • Make an addition, correction, change or deletion from our listings
  • Partner with us, work with us or have a Twitter / Miami related idea
  • Share with us your experience @ TwTrMiami (comments, praise, criticism)
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